The past decade is an extraordinary journey for FUJIHD Elevator Manufacturer . Fuji elevator grew from a small supervising department into a professional technological consulting service company with over 400 technicians.Competition and development. FUJIHD is grateful also for each of its competitors. Since without their existence and challenge, Hengda might slack and be eliminated out of the game.

In the past decade, FUJIHD served for over 1000 engineering projects, creating excellent records one after another, winning both recognition and reputations.FUJIHD is grateful for the CCP and our motherland, which has been developing fast in the economic construction since the reform and opening up policy began 30 years ago, which gave Hengda a wonderful opportunity for development!Supportive friends.

FUJIHD is grateful for all friendly customers, whose trust, understanding and support are crucial for Hengda’s achievement today.Looking into the future. FUJIHD will always commit to laying the foundation of engineering management and constantly pursuing new success with excellent projects and decent service.

Hengda is grateful for all the efforts made by all the colleagues and employees as well, since without their support, understanding and endeavor, Hengda couldn’t have achieved today’s achievement and solid foundation.Hengda appreciates all the care and support given to it in the past and Hengda further needs your assistance and instructions for its future.

The company, which is dedicated to providing management over the whole process of construction engineering, including the supervision of the construction, tender and construct cost consultancy, owes thanks for your presence. It has been creating value and benefiting all its partners. It deems the customers as partners and helps to boost the success of the customers’ careers. Through its customers, it has been providing value-added engineering managing service to realize its own value. This is the management of FUJIHD. elevator manufacturer -